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Email 1

Dear Coin Team:

This email is regarding your coin's inclusion in Emerging Coin Index (ECI).

We currently have n member coins in ECI (n < 30). We have launched the website at Please note that content will be updated soon.

1. You can now inform your community that you have joined Emerging Coin Index, by posting on your Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Youtube, Facebook etc. If possible, please include logo of your coin and ECI ( ) in your posts. IMPORTANT: ECI is not an Exchange. Therefore, please do not imply that it is an Exchange. You are not obligated to issue a press release. If you do decide to issue a press release (or a post an article on your website), choose a font that shows o, O, 0, I, l, and 1 unambiguously. More info here:


Bitcoin RM (BCRM) is now a member of Emerging Coin Index (ECI) Coalition. You can learn more about ECI at

2. Optionally, you may want to incentivize your users to re-tweet, like or ask you a question about ECI by offering a small amount of your coin (worth $0.01 or less) or some other benefit. For your convenience, we created a 2019 Picture Calendar featuring model Mao Hanada (available on ). You can offer the Picture Calendar, without making any changes, as an incentive to your users; like we do at Bitcoin RM.

3. Please join our Discord channel dedicated for ECI You will receive important information here in the future. You can always direct message Withan, our Dev. (You may have to wait upto a day to receive response. We are very busy and hope to improve response time in the future. Please bear with us). When you direct message us, post the entire question even if we're offline.


<Direct Message to Withan> Hi Dev, How do we update our contact information? Please change the contact info for our team to: Joe Developer, [email protected]

4. Does ECI have the best contact information about your coin? Please confirm that we have the best contact information to reach you: Name (or an email alias) and Email Address. There is no need to message or email us if we have the best contact info already. If you decide to email us, always put a useful Subject in the email.

5. ECI is now in pre-launch stage. After launching, initially we will forward buy orders from customers to member coins. While we try our best to generate buy interest, we cannot guarantee buy orders. Later on, we want to get ECI listed on an Exchange

Thank you

ECI Coalition by The Bitcoin RM Team